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Walt Paper

I am making films now under the name, Mighty Women of God.   

There has been so much bad reporting on the scene. To be a little pretentious, I have to say it was sort of the last American Freakshow, it was the last definable scene, before fashion wiped everything out. It had a place, a look, and an elite. It was before our culture moved into the homogenized state that it is in. You can blame two things for that, fashion which became the main motivating force around 94 when supermodels and all that became big, and also rave culture. Rave, in the US anyway, started late, and it was when everyone became moderately weird. I guess it was like how beatniks developed into hippies. Beatniks were sparse, and very sort of refined and gourmet, hippies was when it became popular and caught on, when the pioneering was over and everyone caught on. 

I don't know why I am rambling about this, I guess cuz we were discussing it over dinner last night.


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