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Oh, it's been such a long time since I've updated this!

Please excuse me but I'm flat out on the book (more of which later), and visits from Macauley Culkin in regard to 'getting me right' for Party Monster (again, more later), arranging interviews with amongst others, 20/20 (watch out for that one in June sometime)…. although you'd think I had time on my hands, in reality the majority of that time is taken up. I'm very focused these days, you'd just wouldn't believe it…

 First of all a big THANK YOU for all your letters and emails; you don't know what it means to me receiving them. I do attempt to reply to all of them, but it can be quite a challenge, what with only being given one pen a week and the cost of all those stamps!!!!!

Good news! I'm leaving Southport on 22 April 2003 and, although I don't know where I'm going, it looks as if it'll be back to Clinton. We'll make sure to let you all know on the NEW section of the site….

The guestbook has proven to be a great hit…I love reading the stuff folks place on it. So please keep using it.

As for the CD, it has nine tracks, an interview with me going on about Warhol, Madonna, Angel and how the whole Club Kids scene came about. We recorded the vocals at Clinton Correctional Facility on 30 June 2000! Make sure to request the CD-ROM enhanced copies as they have pics, competitions and a load more… click here for more info.

And just to show we've all been busy of late, I can announce that the satori group is currently putting the final touches to the ULTRAVOX track MY SEX! I recorded the vocal with David Lambert and we are really excited about this. It's very 80s retro…you can even hear a prison door slamming in the background in the last chorus! If you don't know the track go get it from ULTRAVOX's first album; the one with John Foxx on vocals (Island Records - ILPS 9449 - 1976).

David Lambert has asked me to do an interview so if you click on THIS you'll go straight to it. I hope it clears up a few issues that have been flying around.

There's also an interview with my mother which you might find interesting.

And finally, I want to say thank you for all the support you have given me over the years, it really is appreciated. Please email me your thoughts, comments and questions. It takes a while for them to get to me, but they do get here, eventually. Include a home mailing address and I'll write to you snail mail, it can be easier this way, but don't sweat it if you'd rather not.

My days are not exactly filled with wine and roses so when I heard from James St James in Los Angeles about the satori group putting a modern day opera together based on The Club Kids I wrote offering my services. Within six months I was face to face with David Lambert and we spent five very pleasant hours together discussing life, music, death, regret, being fabulous, James St James, and a load more.

I’m pleased to be a part of this; as a concept dance album this has gotta be a first!

Check out the website and email me your thoughts and questions.

Love Michael


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for interview with Mom Alig click here