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The Satori Group featuring Michael Alig

A Terrible Beauty

Blueprint Productions, POB 650, Lincoln, LN1 1ZA, England, United Kingdom

Noted Club Kid and techno-party promoter Michael Alig is doing hard time for murder for killing his then-new roommate, drug dealer Angel Melendez. The details are gory and callous. Alig appears to accept his guilt, but this CD serves as the soundtrack to a modern day opera about The Club Kids and the death and dismemberment that cut Alig off from the life he had created. Featuring sound bites from Alig and an interview from Clinton Correctional Facility, this disc is a fascinating look into the details and motivations that never appears crude and crass, but instead revealing and honest. All of this to ready-for-dancing club beats including "Body In The Box (Angel)" based on David Bowie's "Angel." (4)